Climates of Capital

Show notes

Rahel Jaeggi is Professor of Practical Philosophy with an emphasis on Social and Political Philosophy and director of the Center for Humanities and Social Change Berlin at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Nancy Fraser is the Henry and Louise A. Loeb Professor of Philosophy and Politics at the New School for Social Research. She works on social and political theory, feminist theory, and contemporary French and German thought.

In her work, Nancy Fraser has developed a theoretical framework that focuses on the big questions surrounding the peculiar social form known as "capitalism," upending many of our commonly held assumptions about what capitalism is and how to subject it to critique. In her recent article “Climates of Capital” (2021) she applies this expanded conception of capitalism to the question of ecological crisis.

Nancy Fraser and Rahel Jaeggi co-authored the book (ed. by Brian Milstein): “Capitalism: A conversation in critical theory” (2018), translated into German as „Kapitalismus: Ein Gespräch über Kritische Theorie“ (2020) as well as Spanish (2019), Italian (2019), and Portuguese (2020).

The Benjamin Lectures 2021 were held by Axel Honneth on “The Working Sovereign: A Democratic Theory of the Division of Labor”.

Recordings of our events are available on our website as well as on our As part of our series “conversations on socialism”, on July 1st we are holding a roundtable entitled “A new socialism for the new century?”, with three of the internationally most prominent socialist theorists: Christine Berry, Axel Honneth and Bhaskar Sunkara. The event was hosted by Rahel Jaeggi and a recording will be available on our website and youtube channel.

In the next episode of our podcast, we will be talking with Andreas Malm and Lise Besnoit from the Zetkin collective about their just published book: “White Skin, Black Fuel. On the Danger of Fossil Fascism” - the first comprehensive study of the far right’s role in the climate crisis.

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